Fukushima Gender Equality Centre


Our Aim

Fukushima Gender Equality Centre aims at supporting the citizens to realize a gender equal society where people regardless of sex freely participate, respect and support each other, and share their responsibility without being limited their activities, roles, careers and ways of life. It is meant to serve as a base of activities for citizens to address the gender equality issues and to find the ways to make their life more affluent through self-enlightenment and involvement in the society.

Centre's Tthree Major Roles

1. Information Resource

Varieties of information resources including books and materials specializing in gender equality are available to help people's self-enlightenment and activities to build a society of equal opportunities. Furthermore, the centre supports both individuals and private groups with research and studies regarding the issues. Our substantial information networks enable new ideas and information to widespread not only within the prefecture but all over the world.

2. Independence Promotion

The centre organizes workshops and lecture meetings to foster people's awareness of gender equality. It encourages their social participation and independence along with the ability to take responsibility. To help to make their lives more comfortable and free from worries or troubles, it also provides advice and counseling services regarding personal problems emerging from human relations.

3. Exchange Promotion

To promote community efforts to realize a gender equal society, the centre opens its facilities to those individuals and groups pursuing equality and independence for their voluntary exchange programs.

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centre-9:00-21:00 (The day before the closure day 9:00-17:00)
library-9:00-20:00 (The day before the closure day 9:00-17:00)
counseling room-9:00-16:00 (Wednesday 13:00-20:00)
Every Monday (when this day is a national holiday, it is the next day)
From December 29 to January 3
1-196-1 Kakunai, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, 964-0904

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